Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Plain Silly

Sarah Palin must have time on her hands, because I can find no other explanation for her criticism of this year's White House Christmas card, which showed a sleeping Bo by the fire in a beautifully decorated room. Mrs. Palin's objection to it was that it had no images of "family, faith, and freedom." I guess she wanted something more like President Bush's card in 2005 which showed the family's two dogs enjoying the freedom of the snow covered White House lawn.

I grew up with very staunch Republican grandparents who would be embarassed by just how silly some Republicans have become. But as a member of the Democratic Party I hope Mrs. Palin and her ilk will keep on the road to silly.


Nameless Cynic said...

You know, funny thing.

Those earlier White House Christmas cards are available on line for anybody to see.

Bush, 2005 – The White House in the snow, with the two Bush dogs. Nothing about Christmas at all.

Reagan, 1983 – A room in what might be the White House; the only sign of Christmas is a wreath in the window.

Looks to me like somebody is trying to make a lot of noise about something that’s never applied to any president, ever.

That, or Reagan hated 'family, faith and freedom' more than Obama apparently does.

Scoop said...

I am so glad I don't send out Christmas cards so that i can avoid being criticized about what design I might choose.

I too feel conflicted-- I roll my eyes at the idiocy, but enjoy how it makes the speaker appear-- at least, how I HOPE it makes the speaker appear. Sadly, I may be out of touch, and loads of people approve of this argument regarding ardent un-Americanism depicted in a simple Christmas card from our president. I fear it may be the latter-- I too am a Democrat, after all.