Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ashamed To Be a Christian?

When I was newly ordained the Rector of the parish where I was serving reminded me that if I wanted to claim Mother Teresa as a sister in Christ I had to be prepared to claim Pat Robertson as a brother in Christ. Today the challenge is to see that Rick Perry is my brother in Christ, even though his attack on gays serving in the military is repugnant to me. Perry is an embarrassment, but he is still a member of the Body of Christ and I pray that the comments of many others in the Body will help him come to repentance. God, after all, rejoices when a sinner repents.


Anonymous said...

Why would you want Mother Theresa to be your sister, a woman who claimed that legalizing abortion and readily-available birth control were abominations?

Daniel Weir said...

Perhaps a better example would have been Arbp Tutu. The point is that I don't get to choose.

Daniel Weir said...
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