Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poisonous Righteous

Recently I got drawn into a discussion about the Anglican Communion on a conservative blog and found that I was more concerned about scoring points than I was about seeking common ground with others in the discussion. As I stepped away I recalled a phrase from the Moxy Früvous song about the Gulf War - poisonous righteous. Although I was taking some pains to keep my posts irenic and civil, I know that I really thought those with whom I disagreed were idiots and enemies out to destroy all that was good in the Communion. I saw how easy it is to cross the line between committed to my understanding of the truth and poisonous righteous.

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Michael Hartney said...

Hi Dan.
I saw your comment and I had the same feeling ... you got suckered into an argument when you just meant to be irenic and civil. Jim Naughton has had the same problem over at Episcopal Cafe this week, too.