Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Food Stamp President?

A lot has already been written about the reasons for the increase in the number of people receiving Food Stamps during the past three years and I see no reason to repeat the litany of one factors. What has emerged during the GOP campaigns is some clarity about the economic assumptions of a possible Republican administration. One assumption is that the most imrportant contributor to job creation - maybe even the only contributor - is lower taxes for the job creators, that is, rich Americans. Seemingly missing from the GOP job creation equation is the financial health of middle class Americans, the people who would be buying the goods produced by the new employees of the job creators. The availability of capital is important, but less important than the availability of a healthy market for new products. As someone observed recently Amazon would never have succeeded in Africa because there would have been no customers to buy what Amazon was selling.


The Old Gringo said...

The Rev. Mr. Wier is a well-spoken man. His ideas deserve some reasonable comment, obviously. The question he raises is about calling Mr. Obama "the food stamp President". My comments are not reasonable. They are founded in a passion originating in reality.
The fact is that Obama is. That is the meaning of is. Democrats and socialists desire the death of a sinner's soul and that he become the slave of man, not of Good. The Democrat Party...all leftist parties....desire the death of a man's soul and that he replace his loyalty away from Yahweh and towards those on Earth who know what is best for each man.
Large businesses also sell themselves to the call of Lucifer's enchantment by pointing out that farmers, food processors, transporters, and grocery outlets, along with school feed-the-fat-afdc children, all benefit from Lucifer's feeding the people and the children. After all, if the elites and Lucifer do not feed the people, who will? They themselves? Who will feed the minority children? The minority parents? How novel. How silly. How quaint and backwards.

We are told that it is better to give than to receive. We were told, in the Olden Tymes, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven".
Now we are told,"If you have, you are evil. If you support yourself and give the second gleaning to the poor then you are a Republican. You are evil and part of the one percent.
The only good people are those who whelp without plan, who demand to be supported, and who strive to become grandmothers when they are younger than 26 years. The only good businesses are those that depend on Lucifer's subsidies. And the only good churches are those who doubt every element of the Creed of Nicea, who know that homosexuals are better than perverted normal people and that aetheist women should wear cleric's collars and traditional women should be spayed.
Thank you, Father, for you time and patience.

Daniel Weir said...

I am pleased that The Old Gringo recognized that his comments were not reasonable. That frees me from trying to respond to them.