Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Is One To Do?

Over at the Covenant blog  I posted some comments in a thread, "You Can Be Right or You Can Be in Relationship"  The thread was started by a priest for whom I have great respect, Fr. Nathan Humphrey, and his post is well worth reading. Here is part of one of my posts:
I disagree that those of us in TEC who want to remain in relationship with siblings with whom we disagree are demanding that our “vision of biblical interpretation and discernment is considered right and good” by others. No one has to agree with me to remain in relationship with me.
A few hours later someone responded to my post and began with these words:
You are insisting that the rest of the communion change its teaching such the status of homosexual sex is not part of the adiaphora of the Church.
Aside for the fact that the sentence is badly written, something which is true about many of the sentences in my posts, this brother in Christ has misunderstood or - could it be? - willfully mischaracterized my position. Reading such comments I wonder if it is possible for Anglicans to have reasoned conversations about sexuality or any other controversial issue.

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