Monday, February 1, 2010

What's In A Name?

As Jan and I prepare to retire in June, I have given some thought to the future of this blog. I have found it useful as a way to clarify my thoughts about a wide variety of topics. It has created a very small amount of controversy: a couple of snarky comments, and some questioning by a search committee about whether the political views expressed here were normal parts of my sermons (they aren't, but the committee didn't recommend that I be called to serve that congregation.)

I plan to continue the blog in retirement, but The Gospel in ToyTown will no longer be an appropriate name. I am not very good at finding the right name for things - I was amazed that I came up with The Gospel in ToyTown - and hope that some suggestions will come from readers. A little information about our retirements may get some of you thinking about names:
  1. Jan and I plan to live somewhere near Beverly, Massachusetts.
  2. We will be helping with childcare for our granddaughter Emmaline.
  3. We will be spending time with friends in New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley.
  4. I will be spending a bit more time than I have this past year as a Trustee of Episcopal Divinity School.
  5. I will continue to work some, taking services for vacationing parish clergy, serving as an interim priest, and helping out at whatever parish we decide to join.

Send me your suggestions ( There may even be a prize for the winner.

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