Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why a Blog? and Where is ToyTown?

To answer the second question first: ToyTown is what some folks call East Aurora, New York, the home of Fisher-Price. For nearly six years, I have served the Episcopal parish in East Aurora, Saint Matthias Church. On most Sundays, when one of my three clergy colleagues isn't preaching, I preach without notes. Every so often someone asks me for a copy of a sermon and I have to explain that none is available. Which brings me to the answer to the first question: this blog will be a place where I can, as I prepare a sermon, post my reflections on the lectionary texts. At times those posts may be fairly complete outlines of the sermon. At other times they will be more sketchy. For those who want to revisit my thinking about the texts, this bog will often be a place where they can do that. Others who are strugglng with the same texts may want to read my reflections and share their own.

From time to time I may share my reflections on other matters within the life of The Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Western New York, Saint Matthias Church, or the larger society.


Libby 56 said...

What a great idea. I will really enjoy and appreciate this. Thanks, Fr. Dan!

Chris said...

I could find this very useful in my own wrestlings beyond my comfort zone!