Saturday, January 9, 2021

Being Beloved

On Sunday we will be remembering Jesus' baptism. In all of the accounts in the synoptic Gospels these words are spoken about Jesus, you are beloved. 

Some years ago, at the baptism of a parishioner, I said that those words have been spoken about each of us, all of us. Whether believe it or know it or want it we are loved by God, extravagantly and without exception. 

Without exception? 

Yes, and that challenges me to accept that people I don’t like, people with whom I disagree, people who hate me and want to hurt me - all of them are beloved. 

When I pray Compline as I go to bed each night I often pray for Donald Trump, one of God’s beloved. Although my prayer might not always be heartfelt, I pray that Donald would know that he is beloved, that what matters most is not winning, but being loved and loving others. 

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